Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yesterday I finished the brightly colored socks that I've been working on. We were at the lake, but I immediately cast on a darker, more fall-colored pair. I'm doing something brand new for me: I'm making my own pattern. So far, I cast on 64 stitches. Then I did 12 rounds of k3, p1. Now I'm doing a four row pattern:
  1. k3, p1 around
  2. k around
  3. repeat row 1
  4. p around
After doing about 6 repeats of this, it seemed like I needed to make my sock a little smaller for the ankle, so I've decreased 4 stitches on round 2 of the sixth repeat which takes me down to 60 stitches. I plan to do that again on the eighth repeat, leaving 56 stitches. I'm pretty sure I'll use that number all the way through the foot.